Legal Insanity @ Boys of Summer Event!

Summertime! This pants are something! a lot of options! First of all, they come in 2 different versions (with 3 or 2 boxers) each design can be personalized with 4 different pants options and 2 boxers options, and if this isn't enough for you, there are also boxer addons to fully personalize your pants and boxers in your unique style! 5 standard sizes and fitted mesh for SLINK PHYSIQUE and TMP (beta) 

To complete the outift is also available a tank, JUST FOR SLINK PHYSIQUE MESH BODY,
in, wow! 10 color / style options controlled via hud.

Only available at The Boys of Summer
a Depraved Nation Event starting on July 16th 2016
.. don't miss! 


  1. Any chance to get Signature version in the future?

  2. Yes, Signature mesh body will be available on my clothes very soon!