The Style Icon Fair - Legal Insanity

My Style Icon is for sure Vivienne Westwood and her philosophy in fashion matters:

- In the end, there is as much warmth, wit, intelligence and imagination to Vivienne Westwood herself as there is to her clothes which, for all her outside interests, remain a powerfully potent force.
She knows that, but: "If I'm going to talk to someone for two hours then it can't just be about fashion. 
You know, I never really wanted to be a designer in the first place but about 15 to 20 years ago I decided that if I was going to continue I'd be better off starting to like it. 
I do think looking your best is really, really good for the spirit and my clothes allow people to project their personalities and express themselves. I offer choice in an age of conformity." 
A perfect Vivienne Westwood pronouncement. - 

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